Data Centres

OBT’s approach and experience in designing and delivering cloud services has been developed over the past 12 years, and our strategy remains - to continually improve the level of risk management systems and processes that are in place.

We understand that business continuity is vital to our customers because they need access and quick recovery to information on a regular basis. With this in mind, we have developed capability to failover from key cities within Australia and overseas, helping businesses to implement various measures to enhance corporate governance, risk management, and internal control practices.

Furthermore, companies who are required by law to ensure that their data is stored within Australia have the assurance of knowing their data is secured locally, with capability of having backups in multiple locations within the Australian jurisdiction, enabling quick access to data in the event that a natural disaster were to interrupt business locally.

OBT currently has fully operational Tier III data centres in key cities in Australia and Europe and Asia, with plans to open additional in other international locations shortly. More detailed technical information about our data centres can be found below.