About our Partner Program

Boost customer satisfaction with a hosted solution

When you want to offer customers your own branded hosted solutions, the Connect Anywhere™ program helps you get to market faster, improves outcomes for customers, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Connect Anywhere™ is your own hosting platform, giving you the full choice in bringing together partnerships amongst innovative systems integrators, software vendors and consultants to deliver fully customisable cloud services to your customers on your own branded billing platform.

You’re also safe in the knowledge that there are experts behind you, taking care of the operational, technical and support challenges.

Why become a Connect Anywhere™ Partner?

Get up and running straight away

Complement your existing offerings with immediate access to our capability, expertise, and technologies.

Capitalise on a growing market

Take advantage of the increasing uptake of cloud services and customers’ changing business needs.

Improve existing customer relationships

By increasing the breadth of your products and services.

Open new vertical markets

By expanding your range of service offerings.

Realise new annuity revenue streams

Our approach to service delivery means that clients are in it for the long-haul.

Control end-to-end service delivery and reduce ongoing support costs

You can take on as much or as little of the support and service delivery as you like. 

Reduce sales cycles

Connect Anywhere™ helps you deploy Cloud-based solutions quickly.

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Want to equip your sales, marketing and technical staff with the tools to sell, deploy and manage your own cloud services platform? Talk to us today about the benefits of signing up to the Connect Anywhere™ program.

“Information technology is a critical element of Eureka’s business platform and integral to the provision of its funds management services. Since its establishment Eureka has outsourced its information technology infrastructure to OBT with all data and software hosted by OBT. Throughout this period the service had demonstrated a very high level of reliability and uptime.”

Quentin Shaw, Director, Eureka Funds Management