Desktop Anywhere®

Spend more billable time with clients

With Desktop Anywhere, you never have to worry about backing up your data, upgrading software, protecting against viruses, or maintaining your servers again. We take care of all of that for you, so you can focus on building your business.

For a fixed monthly fee, this hosted desktop service gives you access to your Windows applications, data storage, license fees, network management and technical support. Best of all, your staff won’t be tied to their desks. Desktop Anywhere gives you fast, reliable access to your company systems and data whether you’re at home, in a client’s office, or on the road. 


Benefits at a glance

Your costs will go down

The total cost of application ownership is less because you no longer have to invest in infrastructure, personnel, and facilities.

No more maintaining and upgrading servers

Gone are the IT-related problems of ageing servers and server crashes that cause delays, frustration, and lost productivity.

You’ll always be up to date

We take care of all necessary upgrades and updates, so you’re always compliant, and always working with the right version of your software.

Add users at the touch of a button

With no physical installations, new users can be added regardless of their location.

Establish a common platform across offices

Set up your own virtual networks, and conform to best practice and industry standard platforms.


What next?

Why not call us today on 1300 886 896 to find out how Desktop Anywhere could improve your bottom line, and your client relationships.

“Desktop Anywhere has provided FFA with the scalability required to effectively deliver our services at Head Office level to our satellite locations across Australia under one central system.

Tyrone Cockle, General Manager, Dealership Services, Financial Foundations Australia