SharePoint Anywhere

Access to document any time, anywhere

With SharePoint Anywhere staff can access and share documents wherever they are, speeding up the flow of information around your business.

For ease of access, all files are centralised. A simple check-in and check-out system gives you full control over all documents, so there’s no danger of people working on the wrong version.  

SharePoint Anywhere can also be customised to include business calendars, announcements and portals.

What next?

Why not call us today on 1300 886 896 to find out how SharePoint Anywhere could improve access to documents for your staff – wherever they are?

“OBT has promptly implemented innovative strategies to host a growing organisation such as Mend. Mend has received consistent, prompt, and client focused service from OBT.”

Fiona Curie-Evans, Managing Director, Mend